Saturday, December 31, 2005

Those first holidays alone...

My prayers are with all of you out there who have spent this season missing loved ones.

We had brunch today with one of my favorite people - Aunt Rena. There is not enough time or space to explain why she's my favorite, but time at her house is like snuggling into a favorite quilt. I never want to get up and leave. Her husband died almost a year ago after 47 years of marriage. His battle with cancer was shockingly brief. He basically died the day after the diagnosis was confirmed.
Anyway, Rena has been on my mind all day. She seemed so lonely as we left. Paul told me that she had said she was looking forward to some solitude to read and watch old movies. I hope she can count her alone time in a positive light today. She has truly devoted her life to God and family. Anytime she was away from home, she never stayed long; always saying as she grabbed her purse, "I'm going to go, I'van's waiting..." In about two weeks, we will see the first anniversary of his death. She will probably take the day off from work and find someting to do alone; as she did on his birthday and their anniversary. She still stays busy and is still our "family saint" but the sparkle is gone from her eyes; she knows Ivan's waiting.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Your Fortune is in Another Cookie

My fortune cookie actually said that the other night. We were trying a new Chinese buffet that Paul loves (that in itself was amazing as he hates buffets). Anyway, that is one of my goals for 2006, to find the cookie that holds my fortune.....