Sunday, April 01, 2007


I cannot seem to catch my breath. It has nothing to do with the bronchitis I have suffered this past week.

Kayla has just heard that a classmate has a brain tumor. He is in St. Louis where he is most likely having surgery tomorrow. He will be in the hospital 2 to 4 weeks and Kayla wants to go see him so we are trying to work that out.

Please pray for this boy. I will not give his name but you don't need it. God knows who he is.

I truly don't know him very well. I know that he is "part of the group" that Kayla hangs out with. I know that he is a lively, funny young man who makes Kayla laugh.

I know that he is somebody's child.

And that is why I can't breathe. Each of you who is a parent knows why. I keep thinking of the fear and the exhaustion his parents are dealing with. I keep thinking of how they probably felt as though the wind was knocked out of them when they got the news. I keep thinking of them holding their little boy while he got the news. I keep thinking of how the seconds, minutes, hours, will slowly tick away tomorrow while they wait for his surgery to be complete. And I keep wondering. Are they thinking what I'd be thinking: "why couldn't it be me instead of my child?"

I have reminded Kayla that a year and a half ago, we saw a little boy recover from brain surgery amazingly well. I have reminded myself that prayer works. I know it does.

Please. However you pray. Whether you kneel, bow, fall prostrate, lie on your bed before sleeping...pray for this family. Pray for this boy to regain his health and to be free of fear. Pray for his parents to have some sense of peace. Pray for the doctors. Pray for the friends of this boy - some have already been down to visit him - that they can minister to him and keep his spirits up.

Please pray. I know it will work.